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Courses are 6 hours; each is customizable to a half day or keynote delivery.

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Thrive In Today’s Multigenerational Workforce

For the first time in history there are five generations working together! This course teaches every generation how to understand today’s workforce and their role in it. Students learn how to build effective working relationships of trust with one another through a series of coaching conversations. These are taught through a professional sports team framework to show the distinction of how playing “team” vs. “me” fosters the trust needed to win not only games, but also championships. Learning outcomes include:

Millennials & Gen Z

  • How to become coach-able
  • How to have two-way conversations that build trust
  • How to receive feedback
  • How to prepare for performance conversations

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, & Gen X

  • How to coach
  • How to generate authentic engagement
  • How to provide feedback that builds trust
  • How to conduct performance conversations

Why survive when you can thrive at work?!

Coaching_MillenialsEffectively Lead Today’s High-Performing Teams

Five generations in one workforce equals an incredible amount of change in the way we build teams. Individuals come with their unique communication, management and leadership approaches, which can make creating a high-performing team challenging. This courses teaches the economics of team dynamics and how to lead with the S.W.I.F.T. ® mindset. Learning outcomes include:

  • The advantage of the “we” vs. “me” approach
  • Multi-generational leadership styles
  • How to effectively coach all generations up, down, and laterally
  • Potential obstacles and opportunities for new Millennial managers
  • Foundational management and leadership principles
  • Practical coaching tool to have team performance conversations daily

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you need a team.” – John Wooden

MillenialManagers_RoundCrack Performance Management Conversations

In today’s ever-changing transient workforce, organizations needs the highest engagement levels out of its talent while you have them in your organization. Performance conversations are critical to ensuring this happens. Yet most managers seem to survive, rather than thrive in accomplishing this year over year. This course teaches managers how to crack the code on generating conversations that leave talent eagerly engaged and focused on delivery on the key results for the business. Learning outcomes include:

  • The economics of performance
  • How to give and receive real time feedback
  • How conduct real time check-in conversations
  • Effectively coach to Individual Development Plan, Project Kickoff, Annual Goal, and Pre-Performance Review conversations
  • How to engage and focus talent through honest and authentic dialogue
  • The power of conversation to deliver key business results

Engagement comes when we listen to understand instead of listening to reply.

Let’s Customize!

Need a course designed specifically for your organizational development objectives? We’re happy to custom build content for you. Typical content requests include:

  • Change Management
  • Economics of Organizational Behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Styles
  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • Leadership Fundamentals

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