Our Mission


Revolutionize the quality of the corporate work experience by creating relationships of vulnerability and trust one conversation at a time.


Create a workforce where individuals feel like “talent” instead of “resources” and genuinely engage because they love what they do and who they do it with.


Let’s get real, work can be emotional. Which is why we’re all fluent in emoji. ☺
While these values are easier to write down than to live by 24/7, they keep us focused and committed to raising our game daily.

Speak Your Mind – when in doubt, over communicate.

Know Your Limits – ask for what you need, when you need it.

Ask, Ask, Ask – telling and assuming are company quicksand.

Collaboration is Queen – leave the competition on the court.

Be Team – put your organization’s success before your individual glory.

Play Big Games – because why play small? Don’t throw away your shot.

Hug Change – what you resist, persists. Hug instead. ☺