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We offer individual and group coaching to Millennials, managers and leadership teams to connect them to their highest performance levels in a measurable way. By distinguishing their key performance indicators, individuals learn how to get what they need and optimize their environments to engage at their highest capacity.

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Spoiler Alert

“I found working with Mala encouraging and supportive. Her coaching methodology, technique and style enabled me to focus on what makes me unique vs trying to fit me into a mold. The lessons I’ve learned help me filter and evaluate opportunities for maximal fit in education, career and my day-to-day life. I’d recommend working with Mala to my friends and colleagues all the time.”

– DIEGO, Boston, MA

Dynamic Direct, LLC

“Mala is incisive and powerful. She’s rocket fuel for a job searcher struggling to start. Her experience and knowledge provide precise direction. Her humor and caring help to overcome inhibitions and uncertainties to unlock your true self and your full potential.”

– DAVID, New York, NY

Rutgers University

“Mala helped me identify my Key Performance Indicators. These KPIs are so clear to me now that I see them in everything I do, even outside of work. I know what I enjoy, what I want, and I know that in order to reach peak performance and fulfillment that I must generate a confluence of these KPIs. I have all these career search muscles developed now and I find opportunities to use them on a regular basis. I do not worry about looking bad or embarrassing myself, I instead focus on finding the best opportunity in each moment. It’s actually fun!”

– DAVID, New Brunswick, NJ

J.P. Morgan

“Caroline’s positive attitude and open-minded vision make her an excellent partner to someone trying to overcome a career challenge. Her relentless persistence and ability to overcome obstacles to achieve her ambitions translate well in her efforts to assist others achieve their objectives.”

– VICKI, New York, NY


“Caroline not only helped my find my current job, but she helped me prepare for the interview and learn about the company culture. She offered me words of encouragement along the way and helped boost my confidence as I was going into later interviews. Working with Caroline felt like working with someone who was not only making a connection for me, but was going to bat for me behind the scenes and pushing for my success as hard as I can imagine her pushing for her own. Caroline acted like a real teammate and friend as we worked together and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to one of my own friends.”

– REBEKAH, New York, NY

Al Futtaim Finance

“Caroline has a motivation and dedication to her work that is infectious. She is a go-getter who knows exactly what she wants and is proactive in getting it. Caroline is highly skilled with analytics, public speaking, and telling a good story through her fact finding/data. However, her true skills lie in the placement of Talent, where she is able to create proactive recruitment strategies and help employees realize their true potential. With her extensive background as an HR advisor, Caroline ensures succession planning and retention of talent are a top priority, and that employees remain engaged. Her critical thinking skills have taught me to problem-solve in different ways, and her work ethic is above par – she is always superbly committed to any challenge she pursues. I would highly recommend working with Caroline.”